How do you raise your kids online?

Posted on January 10th, 2011 @ 8:17 am

I’m looking for some advice on parenting, specifically in regards to the Internet.

If you’re not aware, Leann and I have two kiddos. Right now, Josh is six and Jackson is four. Saturday, for the first time, Josh played a math game online at home that he has at school. The game required a username and password, both of which Josh remembered, although they use cards at school. As a geek dad, I was so proud!

The computer I had as a kid

This got me thinking about the different decisions parents face now than they did when I was growing up. In my family, we were fairly early adopters of the home PC, and although I was on BBS‘s back in middle school, my kids have access to the entire Internet almost a decade earlier than I did.

For example, both of our boys have Twitter accounts. Right now, however, it’s just Leann and myself (mostly me) posting funny things they say to each of their accounts. I occasionally have fake conversations with them online, complete with @timjpriebe, @joshuapriebe and @jacksonpriebe. These conversations replicate funny conversations we had in person.

But at what age do I let them start updating their own Twitter accounts? Twitter has no limit of their own, although Facebook limits the age to 13. Should Leann and I let them have a Facebook account when they’re 13?

Both of the boys are aware that I work on computers all day. Jackson doesn’t know what a website is, but Josh is starting to get the idea. So as the children of a web designer (the S in T&S Web Design does, after all, stand for Sons), total avoidance of the online world isn’t really a feasible possibility. What do we let them do, and when do we let them do it?

I’d love to hear from other parents on this, as I feel like I have lots of questions, but none of the answers.

Parents, what have you done that has and hasn’t worked?

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Though ..i’m unmarried i think its better to wait till they turn thirteen or fouteen and by the age of 17 most probably they would prefer the outdoors and would like to learn from the real world..not the virtual one.

April 17, 2012 @ 2:40 am

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